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Pistachio nut fill strategy

When does it start, when does it end and how do I use Phytech to help?

2021 AlmondBeat report

Insights and best practices from what millions of trees are telling us

Peacock Nuts Report

Peacock Nuts has reduced applied irrigation by 76% of the recommended amounts Learn how

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Phytech Annual AlmondBeat report
Insights and best practices from what millions of trees are telling us

Dr. Ido Gardi
Lead Agronomist &
Researcher at Phytech

Mark Sherfy
Customer Success & Territory Manager


Based on data from millions of trees, covered by Phytech's IoT and Plant-AI platform, Mark Sherfy and Dr. Ido Gardi, compiled a comprehensive overview of 2021 challenging season in California, with irrigation insights and best practices.


key takeaways from the report:


  • 2021 challenging climate - Chill portions were not sufficient for the season

  • Irrigation Profile - The more frequent the irrigation the higher the growth rates were throughout the season

  • Regional Differences- Northern valley saw dramatically higher jumps in stress days early on in the season, but in general all parts of the valley were higher in stress.

  • Varietal Differences - The lowest stressed varieties tended to be Nonpareil.


Mark Sherfy (left) with customer Jim Curtis (L & P Farms)

AlmondBeat report
Nut fill
Image by engin akyurt

Nut Fill - Optimized

Learn best practices to adapt irrigation and support your trees during this critical phase

By Customer Success & Territory Manager, Mark Sherfy

Peacock report form

Peacock Nuts Report

Learn how Peacock Nuts managed to irrigate 76% less of than the recommended amount, total savings for the 2022 season of 1.12 acre-feet per acre or 1.1 billion gallons.

By Customer Success & Territory Manager, Mark Sherfy

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