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Pest and Disease Management?
We got you covered.

Bundle Phytech Monitoring with Suterra's Mating Disruption pheromone at $99* per acre and get: Temperature and Humidity Sensors + Free Installation.
*Aerosol pheromone for navel orangeworm control

When input prices across the board are continuously increasing, we're happy to bring growers some excellent news. Fill in your details below to get a quote:

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The most-cost effective mating disruption solution

  • Maximum mating disruption at all times

  • Nontoxic to people and animals, and leave no harmful residues

  • Hands-off / Labor-free installation

  • Made in the US Pheromone 

Per-block granular climate monitoring:

  • In-canopy temperature sensing

  • In-canopy humidity sensing

  • Chill portions map.

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