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A new update is here: Improved NDVI visibility and group expansion on the Planner

Here's what's new on the Plant and Planner Mobile and Web apps following the latest July 19th update:

A clearer picture of NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)

You can now choose your preferred color scheme to view NDVI image. Switch between shades of green or red-to-green spectrum.

Down below we've added a histogram so you can quickly understand what's "growing" on in terms of vegetation cover on the block level. Not sure about the meaning of the values? An info popup helps you know what your NDVI levels mean and which zones fit your field (see the bold text).

Planner: Clear visibility with group filtering

We're constantly striving to simplify the process of creating and managing irrigation plans. Part of this is allowing you to focus on a specific segment of your infrastructure. With the current tweak, you can filter your hydraulic system by group. The chosen group will be expanded by default showing its blocks.

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