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AlmondBeat #6: What are the 3 keys for trees' happiness?

As temperatures are fluctuating in the valley and heat is peaking, here are 3 keys for keeping your trees happy and super-productive. AlmondBeat report #6. Here we go.

1) Monitor every beat of your blocks Weather in the valley has been shifting dramatically during May. Temperatures have gone from 70F to 90F and this week we're going to cross the 3-digit barrier. During highly fluctuated conditions, blocks will be affected differently. The solution: follow closely the plant status and Phytech's recommendation for each block and adapt your irrigation plans accordingly. 

2) Heat is inevitable, recovery depends on you Up until now, some blocks were still holding moisture in the upper part but as summer kicks in with temperatures rising in most areas above 105F on Thursday, it's time to send in the cavalry. With this high ET conditions stress is sometimes unavoidable, the question is how will the trees recover. Check the black reference line and deliver the right amount of water to support the replenishment process during nighttime. Here below are some examples that emphasize how working both with the reference line and the plant status can help optimize irrigation:  

3) Low pressure? no pressure As emphasized in our last report, irrigation performance becomes central as trees' water demand continues to rise. At this stage of the season when every stress has a significant effect on yields, pressure problems should be quickly monitored and solved. When managing large operations with hundreds of blocks, this is a real challenge. With our new pressure switches, you can take this pressure off. Every time pressure drops for some reason, you'll get a low-pressure alert that will enable you to act and make sure trees continue to get their much-needed water supply.  Stay tuned for our next AlmondBeat Report 

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