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Grower Testimonial: Vince Giacolone / Limoneira. "Phytech is a one-stop-shop for citrus growers"

Updated: Mar 7

In our latest Customer Testimonial, Vince Giacolone, Director of Southern Farming, and Myles Shoemaker, Irrigation Manager at Limoneira, explain how Phytech and Ryan Giacolone have helped Limoneira bring together five different farms that have distinct differentiations in soil, microclimates, and irrigation infrastructure to create the most effective irrigation strategy.

Giacolone: "What makes Phytech different from other services is

it's sort of a One-stop-shop so we get the soil data, the stress data from the dendrometers and we also get fruit sizing. I don't know of anybody else in the agtech industry that offers all three of those"

Thank you, Limoneira. We at Phytech are proud to support your daily decision-making.

Here are some additional quotes from Giacolone

Giacolone: " I've been farming Citrus for over 30 years and I've been working for Limoneira for eight years we primarily grow lemons and avocados. We have five different Farms here in Ventura county and each one of them has a lot of different variations in soil, microclimates and infrastructure of the irrigation systems. So Phytech allows us to really bring that ranch together and to figure out the best method of irrigation".

"The technological aspects in the agricultural community are super important nowadays because of the challenges of water and labor costs. We have to look at this in a very granular way. We have to look at every aspect of the farm operation and look for economies of scale and efficiency.

That's why I use Phytech on a daily basis to look at the irrigation status on all of our farms. I also look at it to see how our fruit development is going. Phytech is very critical to our scheduling and planning and allows us to quickly adapt once the weather changes.

The three things that I look at primarily on a daily basis with the app are:

  1. Are the any stress levels on the trees

  2. What is the weekly irrigation schedule is for the week

  3. Making sure irrigation goes as planned

"On top of it, I love the people at Phytech. They're always receptive in trying to help us solve our problems on the farm".

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