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New Feature Alert: The Stacked Soil Moisture View

"The purpose of data visualization is insight, not pictures".

With multiple real-time data layers- from the trees, the soil, the climate and the hydraulics streamlined to one screen, we made it our mission to simplify visibility so growers can easily get a full picture of their operation - and act accordingly.

"The Stacked Soil Moisture View on Phytech's web app is the latest addition to simplify decision making by giving growers another option to view their soil behavior, explains Monitoring and Analysis Products Manager, Omer Sagee. "The Stacked display shows soil moisture In different depths, which allows a clear understanding of water infiltration trends and the behavior of different profile depths. Growers can also toggle to the Soil Profile view and further investigate into how their irrigation reaches different soil depths, all while observing the trees' reaction as seen by the plant-status color coded bar on the same screen".


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