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The leading Made in the US pheromone starting at just $85.80 per acre* 

A combined service, Phytech provides Suterra's® Mating Disruption Puffer along with temperature and humidity sensors. Starting at $85.80 per acre*. Ask today how you can get the most cost-effective solution installed for 2024.
*One season-long solution to control Oriental fruit moth


The most-cost effective mating disruption solution

  • Made in the US Pheromone.

  • Maximum mating disruption at all times.

  • Effective against Codling Moth, Leafrollers, and Oriental Fruit Moth.

  • Non-toxic to people and animals, and leaves no harmful residues.

  • Hands-off / Labor-free installation

Per-block granular climate monitoring:

  • In-canopy temperature sensing

  • In-canopy humidity sensing

  • Chill portions map

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