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Control Every Drop.
Grow Better Crops

Ensure operational excellence, distribution uniformity and avoid pressure problems with Phytech’s irrigation monitoring and control feature


We help growers optimize farming production with an IoT platform that generate clear visibility of their operation together with AI-based agronomic recommendations, that can be automatically executed

The world’s first one stop digital farming platform

Combining real-time agronomic insights with in-field irrigation monitoring and control
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Powering over 1000
of the world’s leading growers

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Myles Shoemaker, Limoneira

“Phytech is critical for a successful citrus growing operation...

it helps me keep track of my irrigation scheduling. I give irrigation schedule out to the employees every week but I'm able to confirm the times and durations just by looking at the app"

Irrigation Monitoring and Control

Be on Top of Every Drop

Full hydraulic components data & alerts to optimize your operations.

Distribution Uniformity

Distribution uniformity at your fingertips

Manage variability across the farm with pressure maps and real-time hydraulic alerts

Track Every Drop

Enhanced irrigation visibility

Phytech offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities, including Filter In/Out Monitoring, Fertigation and Tank-level Monitoring, Main Line Flow Meter, Field Valve Monitoring, and In-field Water Pressure Sensors (On/Off).

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Real-Time Alerts

Immediate notifications for critical issues

Receive real-time alerts for critical irrigation issues such as filter station status, deviations from irrigation plans, pond level fluctuations, fertigation monitoring, pressure maps (DU), irrigation on/off status, and pressure anomalies (high/low).

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Automation as a service

Seamless, Affordable, and Maintenance-Free Irrigation Automation
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No Large Investment


 based service

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Phytech service includes installation and removals

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No Maintenance

Phytech team services hardware

Agronomic Monitoring and Recommendations

Enhancing Your Irrigation Management with Additional Insights
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Your Plants Talk.

Now You Can Listen

Direct data of plants' conditions

Phytech's dendrometers give real-time stress, growth rate and plant health data, in a clear way to hep you take smarter  - and faster - irrigation decisions

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Fruit Size

Achieve Target Fruit Size on Time

Navigate your fruit size with ease. Set your target fruit size and harvest date and let Phytech generate a growth trajectory that will guide your irrigation decisions

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Groundbreaking Dynamic Soil & Plant Algorithm

Let the soil - and the plant - guide you

Our Plant-Dynamic refill line algorithm constantly calibrates plant and climate data to find the soil moisture level below which plant stress is likely to occur.

Never grow alone with Phytech’s
24/7 agronomic and tech support.


Dedicated Customer Success Manager Value


24/7 Tech Support


Agronomic consultation by PhD experts.

Never Grow Alone

More tools and features to help you grow better yields
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Real-Time Weather Station Data

Real-Time Weather Station Data

Get real-time weather data from on-site weather stations. This data helps you make timely decisions about irrigation, pest control, and other critical farm operations.

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Weekly NDVI Imagery

Get the full picture

Access weekly NDVI imagery to monitor the health and vigor of your crops. This imagery provides valuable insights into plant growth and helps in making informed decisions

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Fighting Frost: Easier. Faster. Smarter

Unlock Frost Management

Receive run-time reports of wind machines and under-tree sprinklers. Define per-block or per-variety temperature thresholds for alerts. This feature helps save labor and ensures the execution of frost prevention measures.


Ready to Control every drop?

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