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Privacy Policy (Last updated on September 2016)

This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) governs your (“You” or “Your”) use of the software (the “Software”) of Phytech Ltd. (“Phytech”, “We”, “Our” or “Us”) and is incorporated by reference to the Software License Agreement of Phytech which can be found therein.

This Privacy Policy explains the practices that apply to the information that You provide or that may be generated by Your use of the Software.

1. Submission and Collection of Information

You are required to complete a registration process in order to use the Software. The registration process or any other similar process in connection with your engagement with Phytech requires You to provide certain personally identifiable information such as name, address, e-mail address and password, and in addition, You may choose to provide Your phone number and/or company name (“Personally Identifiable Information”).

During your use of the Software you are encouraged to provide Us with agricultural, statistical and/or other data and information which may be collected via any of the following means: (i) manual collection made by you or anyone on your behalf; (ii) Sensors (as defined below); (iii) third parties means; and/or (iv) any of the foregoing data which will be processed by Phytech (collectively, “Raw Data”).   

Personally Identifiable Information may be collected by Us through the use of the Software and/or Your interactions with Us and/or the Software. You can correct, modify or delete such Personally Identifiable Information prior to any submission of such information by You. Personally Identifiable Information does not include information which does not contain identification of a specific user.  

Standard internet communications sent by the Sensors, You and/or anyone on your behalf and/or through Your computer, device and/or application automatically shall be considered as non-Personally Identifiable Information. Such non-Personally Identifiable Information include, without limitation, Raw Data, the type of browser, the type of operating system, Internet Protocol addresses (including any host name or geographic information associated with these addresses), number of users, information related to the Software, Sensors and the use thereof, information collected in connection with any actions You take and/or decisions You make in connection with the crops and any information or content which You may post through the Software.

You understand that in order to enable You to use the Software, We may use cookies, and log file information to: (a) store certain information in order to make Your use of the Software more efficient and enjoyable; (b) provide You with content and information customized and personalized specifically for You; (c) monitor the performance of the Software as well as other statistical information; and (d) track Your interactions with the Software.

2. Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user’s computer for record-keeping purposes. We may use cookies provided by various technologies such as standard cookies, HTML5 cookies and other cookie like technologies to provide the same effect. We may use cookies to recognize users and their individual actions such as viewing and interacting with other parts of the Software.

Many browsers enable users to deactivate the option to receive new cookies or to customize users' acceptance of new cookies. You understand that if You will choose to do so, certain portion or the entire Software may not work.

3. Communication with Us

We may deliver You news and updates about the Software or other promotional offers through Your email address, as provided by You to Us. If You wish to unsubscribe from such mailing list, please contact Us at or follow the instructions contained in Our emails to You.

You are not allowed to provide Us and We do not want to accept any confidential, secret or proprietary information and material from You through the Software, Sensors and/or in any other way. You confirm that You irrevocably assign to Us any items, drawings, pictures, files, text messages, or any other information, data or content, other than the Raw Data, provided to Us by You directly or indirectly through the Software or otherwise (“Content”) and We may use any of the Content as we deem fit, provided however, that We will not use any Personally Identifiable Information without your consent. It is hereby clarified that if any Personally Identifiable Information is included in the Content, We may use the Content, in any way we deem fit (including, without limitation, by way of reproducing, displaying, transmitting and distributing the Content or any part thereof to third parties), without obtaining Your consent, provided that We will remove such Personally Identifiable Information. You confirm that such Content is not proprietary or restricted by any means and that no other party has any rights to the c

4. How Do We Use Your Data?

The Content, Information and the Raw Data may be used by Us for any lawful purpose, in any way we may deem fit, including, without limitation, for enabling Us to operate, improve and utilize the Software and benefit from the Software, for marketing and/or other commercial purposes, for research and/or cooperation with third parties, for aggregating it (with Your or others’ information) and/or sharing it with any of Our affiliates, including by way of distributing it for any purpose, as long as no can person can be identified.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Your Personally Identifiable Information will not be shared with third parties except as set forth below or as otherwise consented by You.

5. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in the Software and other practices.

You should review, from time to time, this Privacy Policy and other legal documents related hereto, such as the aforementioned Software License Agreement. At all times, the latest version of this Privacy Policy will be published on our website and shall be binding and supersede any previous versions. Your continued use of the Software constitutes Your acceptance of any such changes.

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