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Upcoming Price Changes for Your Phytech Subscription Starting 2024

We're writing to let you know about an upcoming change to your Phytech subscription that takes effect for new and existing customers starting 2024. 


Also, we're excited to bring you an update on some of the major new features and improvements that are in the pipeline for Phytech. Each one is designed to help enhance your farming operation. Our team has worked hard to bring them to you and get them rolled out — more on this below.


First, the new pricing. 

Your Annual subscription will change to an easier “Base coverage” and “Add-ons” format.  This will help make pricing to be “per acre” and will be more intuitive for you.


The pricing change is effective as of your 2024 renewal.  


For growers who choose to continue with “per kit pricing,” your pricing may increase slightly.


By introducing new pricing structure changes, we know we risk upsetting valued Phytech growers like you. Rest assured that you won't be paying more for just the same — you're going to enjoy what's coming!  The change helps us continue improving the performance and reliability of the service you love, as well as adding exciting new features. 

Why are prices changing?

Phytech pricing reflects the innovation we’ve continued to deliver across our products and services, including the dozens of new features we have delivered in the last few years. We have also expanded options to lock in your best pricing per acre and provide our growers with more choices. 


What happens next

No action on your part is required at this time. We are confident that our value to you can be significantly improved with this better pricing structure. Your Phytech Customer Success Manager will be reaching out to you starting January 15, 2024 onwards to review your pricing changes and the additional benefits we are bringing to your operations. Following those conversations, and if applicable, you can expect to see your new subscription agreements sent for your signature by 15th February 2024 with the updated pricing.

Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect from Phytech…

Full Coverage Monitoring. With Full Coverage monitoring, we provide coverage for your entire ranch and you will be able to seamlessly add more sensors on multiple blocks whenever you want. This flexibility more easily enables your agricultural operations to adapt and scale, and elevates the visibility of the entire operation. This deeper and fuller visibility empowers growers with the tools to monitor and maintain consistent yield quality as a whole, ensuring optimal agricultural outcomes.


24/7 Tree & Fruit Monitoring + Real-Time Insights. Optimize your irrigation strategy by proactively monitoring the growth patterns of your trees and fruit with direct real-time data. Achieve your target fruit size with real-time size and growth tracking.


Hydraulic Monitoring. We've been working on revamping Phytech’s technological foundation to boost the reliability of your irrigation. This is an area flagged by Phytech growers over the years as a crucial need, and we're investing heavily to take giant strides forward in this regard.

Phytech now provides comprehensive monitoring of every irrigation and fertigation component, including well-pumps, booster-pumps, ponds, fertigation tanks, injectors, filters, and valves. This robust solution ensures that you receive real-time answers to critical questions such as whether your lines pressurized correctly, if there were unexpected pressure variations, the levels of ponds or tanks, flow rates, pump status, and precise fertilizer levels, empowering you with invaluable insights for proactive and efficient agricultural management.


Weekly Irrigation Scheduling Service. Maximize growth and yields while optimizing resource usage with our irrigation scheduling service. Our team of irrigation specialists will use real time data and tailor-make weekly watering schedules based on your goals, budgets and hydraulic constraints.


Automation. The future of automated farming is here! Phytech offers automation as a subscription-based service so you can focus on farming, not tech.


Quickly save on labor and energy costs during peak hours. Our service covers full or partial automation of your pond, pump, and valves. With 24/7 agronomic support and a dedicated automation team, our service ensures the execution of planned irrigation throughout your operation.


Climate Monitoring. Utilize the climate layer in the Phytech app to monitor real-time temperature and humidity with data from our Davis weather stations.

Mitigate frost with our frost app. Quickly respond to frost conditions and avoid damages by getting per-block granular climate monitoring and alerts as well as wind-machine’s real-time tracking.

Water Accounting Reports. Take advantage of Phytech water reports and real-time analysis of your entire water infrastructure to stay compliant with  SGMA and regulatory demands from LandIQ. 


The innovation doesn't stop there. We're putting in place plans to make Phytech even more useful, and we're excited to start rolling out more improvements for you.


As a loyal Phytech partner, we hope you're as excited as we are about the future of the product. Concerning the pricing change, we're notifying all growers.

We’re here to help

As always, we're committed to providing quality services to you, and we appreciate your continued support. If you need any help, just reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.


Thanks for choosing Phytech and being a loyal customer.


Your Phytech Team

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