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Automate Your Farm from the Palm of Your Hand. 
Save Labor. Save Energy. Ensure Execution

The Future of Automated Farming is Here

Save inputs and enjoy operational excellence with full or partial automation as a service, including:

  • Pond automation

  • Pump automation

  • Valve automation

  • Real-Time Monitoring:  

    • Pump 

    • Filter pressure (before and after)

    • Flow reading 

    • In-field Pressure

We Take Care of Everything,

So You Can Focus on Farming, Not Tech

  • Automation As A Service - Subscription-based, Flexible Pricing

  • 24/7 Agronomic support and dedicated automation team

  • Low Entry Point - You Can Start with just one pump

  • Fast ROI  - Save labor costs and energy spend during peak hours

  • Peace Of Mind - Ensuring Execution of planned irrigation 

Easily Create an Irrigation Template for Fast Execution

See How Sundquist Fruit the Power of Phytech

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