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Listening to plants.

Learn how Phytech helps the Midwest top growers transform their practices

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Know real-time stress level in the field, based on Plant-sensors

Plants are the most direct and accurate way to determine the water needs of the field. Phytech stem diameter sensors measure the daily shrinkage and growth of the plants (on a micron level!) - the most reliable parameter that helps in understanding real-time water demand.

Phytech's offering includes:

​​1. 3ft soil moisture probe with 6 measurements every 0.5ft at every location.
2. Plant-Soil dynamic refill line calibrated daily by actual plant stress.
3. Day by day prediction of moisture depletion and time to refill.
4. Field by field NDVI imagery to see all the farm in one field.
5. Access to Phytech rain meter network
6. Peace of mind: end to end service including installation, maintenance and removal before harvest.
7. Alerts and notifications of stress, moving below critical soil moisture, and pivot start/stop.
8. New and flexible pricing - pay for the number of locations you need.

Measure real-time soil moisture and avoid high-risk moisture zone with phytech’s plant dynamic refill line.

Unlike most soil moisture solutions that have a predetermined refill line, our patented algorithm re-calibrates the soil moisture refill line according to the plant’s water demand (“plant-status”), obtained from our stem sensors

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Midwest pivot fertigation newsletter activetrail active 12-2-23 (1).png

Plan irrigation with “days to refill” predictor algorithm

Phytech Predictor algorithm is a machine learning algorithm that calculates the soil moisture depletion rate based on field-specific characteristics, weather information, and plants' phenological stage

New! Fertigation Monitoring for Midwest Growers

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Fertigation monitoring is now available for Midwest growers for the 2023 season. Monitor fertigation process, reduce site visits, and receive notifications.

Fertigation Monitoring Features:

Fertigation flow rate:

  • Monitor fertilizer flow through the entire pivot span

  • Get notified when pump stops working

  • Receive fertigation summaries​

Tank level monitor:

  • Monitor tank level remotely

  • Get notified for low level

  • Receive fertigation summaries

Fertigation pump pressure: 

  • Monitor fertigation pump pressure remotely

  • Get notified for high/low pressure

  • Receive fertigation summaries


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