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Apple and pear growers in WA: avoiding disease and reacting to stress

Although those pics from central Washington induce an ideal atmosphere, these days apple and pear growers are facing a critical stage in the season, explain Iftach Shalev Rosenbach, Travis Klicker and Cameron Burt from our "WA-team".

During the bloom, certain varieties are susceptible to develop fire blight, a destructive and highly infectious bacterial disease. Things get complicated because too much moisture might push the spread of the disease among the open flowers, so many growers close their sprinklers (or switch to their drip irrigation system, if they have one).

When the fire blight risk is over, growers need to quickly deliver water to help trees recover, and avoid yield-affecting stress (as seen in the attached screenshot).

But with many blocks requiring irrigation - and attention - growers must create an efficient plan based on priority. That's when being connected to the trees is making a difference.

Phytech growers know exactly where, when, and how much water should be delivered to each block according to what their trees are telling them. Our customers also rely on Phytech's irrigation recommendation to create an efficient irrigation scheduling that optimizes water delivery based on differing water demands between the blocks.

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