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Be Cool: From Monitoring To Activating Cooling in One Click

As temperatures continue to rise sharply all across the northern hemisphere, growers need to shorten their reaction time to extreme weather conditions.

The Columbia Basin area of Washington, for example, is experiencing a staggering 4 degree increase in average temperatures.

By integrating real-time climate monitoring with Phytech's automatic valve control, growers have a simple tool to react to heat waves by first being notified and then activate a pre-planned cooling template on the Planner app.

Yoav Shavit, Pest Management and Climate Monitoring Manager: "Reaction time is ever more important to protect crops' health and productivity, when climate conditions are abruptly changing. The new integration between our automation and monitoring capabilities, makes it easier for growers to respond".

Roei Dayan, Automation Product Manager: "Customers who have installed weather stations or temperature and humidity sensors in an area, can easily define a threshold that will trigger an alert. Once a mobile push notification has been received, clicking on it opens the cooling template and the grower can press "run" and activate cooling"

Here how it works:


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