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Control Fruit Growth With More Precision Than Ever

As the cell division stage is nearing its end, we wanted to let you know that our team is getting ready to begin the installation of our advanced fruit sensors across the Western US. Phytech's innovative technology empowers growers like you to achieve the desired fruit size within a specific timeframe. With our new comprehensive tracking system, you can now see the average fruit size or fruit growth for a certain variety in a specific area, and steer your fruit growth toward success.

Phytech's fruit sensors enable you to continuously monitor the size of your fruits in relation to the "target curve" necessary to meet your desired outcome. If your fruit size exceeds the target curve, implementing certain stress techniques can help reduce the growth rate. Conversely, when your fruit size falls below the curve, a green or dark green plant status indicates an opportunity to boost growth. Our platform equips you with the knowledge and tools to fine-tune your cultivation practices accordingly.

One of the unique features of Phytech is the ability to visualize average fruit size or fruit growth for a specific variety in your area. By simply clicking on a plot, you can access detailed fruit data for that specific location. Our intuitive maps provide a clear overview, highlighting areas where fruits are either undersized or oversized, or deviating from their growth trajectory. Armed with this valuable information, you can swiftly take proactive measures to course-correct. Furthermore, the option to filter by variety enhances visibility and enables more targeted decision-making.

The Art of Controlling Fruit Size:

As your attention shifts from the trunk to the fruit during this critical phase, Phytech keeps you seamlessly connected to both. Our state-of-the-art dendrometers and fruit sensors empower you to navigate your fruit growth journey with precision. Traditionally, trunk growth played a pivotal role in maximizing yield potential, and stress avoidance was paramount.

However, as trees transition from vegetative to reproductive stages, your irrigation tactics must adapt to support your fruit size targets. Phytech's app generates a trajectory for your fruit, guiding it toward the desired size on the chosen harvest date. With real-time data from fruit sensors and dendrometers measuring growth and water demand, you have all the essential information to drive your fruit toward its destination. Our irrigation recommendations act as valuable benchmarks to further optimize your cultivation practices.

Unlock the Power of Fruit Maps: View Your Fruit Data In Specific Plots Filtered by Variety

At Phytech, we continuously strive to simplify your fruit-growing experience. In line with this commitment, we have introduced fruit maps to our Plant mobile app. These maps provide real-time insights into average fruit size or fruit growth for specific varieties in your area. With a single click, you can access specific fruit data for any plot on the map. By examining the maps, you can effortlessly identify areas where your fruits are under or oversized or deviating from their growth trajectory. Armed with this knowledge, you can swiftly make informed decisions and take prompt actions to steer your fruit toward optimal growth. The added capability to filter by variety enhances visibility and empowers you to fine-tune your cultivation strategies with ease.

Phytech is proud to be your partner in achieving the perfect fruit size at precisely the right time. Our innovative technology and comprehensive data analytics offer you unparalleled control and insight into your fruit growth journey.

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