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Hero spotlight: Mirko Krtolica from AppleWorld, Serbia

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Some historians think that apples have been enjoyed by humans for the least 750,000 years, and with the increasing demand for healthy, nutritional snacks this is only the beginning.

We're already covering thousands of acres around the world, helping the industry's top growers in Australia, USA, Israel and England optimize their production according to real-time data from the trees, their fruits and the irrigation system.

Combining all these data streams into a clear visual interface on their mobile allows our

customers to easily understand what needs to be done and quickly respond and adapt their irrigation tactics.

In Serbia, Appleworld is the largest apple producer and one of Europe's most progressive agricultural companies in terms of technology adoption and applying innovative solutions.

In this video, Mirko Krtolica, Main Irrigation Engineer at AppleWorld, take us on a short walkthrough in his orchards to explain how Phytech's sensors as well as success team support his irrigation decisions.

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