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Grower Testimonial: Joe Brugger / Upstream Farms

In our latest Customer Testimonial, Joseph Brugger, Owner of Upstream Farms, explains how Phytech and Nic Swanson have helped Upstream Farms optimize water management, improve ROI, and run fewer passes with the pivot. Phytech's real-time visibility has enhanced daily operations and provided Joe with peace of mind by allowing him to monitor his farm through the app, even when he is away.

“My brother and I, we play in a cover band on the weekends. For us to be able to leave the farm and actually have peace of mind that you can actually see what is happening in your field, that was really, really big for us. It makes the cost that you have to pay for Phytech invaluable for us.

First time in four generations that someone could leave the farm on the weekends and not have to feel like everything is going awry or that you had to be there” - Joe Brugger, Owner of Upstream Farms

Thank you, Upstream Farms. We at Phytech are proud to give you peace of mind.

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