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Grower Testimonial: Todd Madden / Bonterra Organic Estates

In our latest Customer Testimonial, Todd Madden, Viticulture Manager at Bonterra Organic Estates, explains how Phytech and Cody Ashurst have helped Bonterra Organic Estates overcome the challenges of drought and excessive heat. As well as better understand the different terroir throughout the vineyards to irrigate more uniformly and efficiently.

“By understanding our soils and looking at the growth of the vines via the dendrometers we’ve been able to limit water usage in certain areas where we are close to a river, or areas where we have really good soil moisture due to excessive rains. We’ve been able to increase water where we have a hillside block, or our soil type is more rocky or sandy. Instead of having an overview of white [varieties] get this much water and red [varieties] get this much water, we’ve dialed it in block by block and ranch by ranch” - Todd Madden

Thank you, Bonterra Organic Estates, we at Phytech are proud to be a part of your mission to elevate the organic wine industry.

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