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New feature alert: Chill accumulation monitoring

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

We are happy to announce the edition of chill portion tracking to Phytech's suite of monitoring features, designed to help growers better understand the effect of chill conditions on their trees' productivity.

On the right side of Phytech's main screen, you'll spot the chill icon. Clicking on it uploads the chill portion data layer. Based on your in-field temperature and humidity sensors or other weather data-source, you can now track the winter chill accumulation in each block, as well as chill hours. The horizontal grey line represents the recommended chill accumulation per variety, and makes it easier to understand the current status of the trees in the block.

Omer Sagee, Monitoring and Analysis Product Manager at Phytech: "we are constantly adding new layers based on our in-field IoT network of sensors and plant-agronomic algorithms. The Chill portion tracking feature follows our vision to provide growers with clear visibility of their trees' health to help them make quicker and better decisions".

The importance of chill accumulation

Bloom, the most crucial time in a season, is highly influenced by winter chill. Extended bloom caused by extreme hot days (as unfortunately been the case throughout many regions due to the climate crisis) might negatively effect yields and future productivity. On the opposite, more chilling than the minimum can produce a short bloom season

"Growers can also compare current conditions to previous seasons on the same block. This too deepens their understanding of how the season is developing and help with irrigation and fertigation tactics around the end of dormancy, to support their trees"' concludes Sagee

Click below to see a live demo from the web app:

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