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"Phytech is an integral part of our irrigation strategy", John Duarte

From dusk until dawn, from Australia to the US, we're connecting top growers to their trees, soil and irrigation systems.

Based on our Plant-AI and IoT digital farming platform our customers monitor, plan and control every aspect of their operations, which helps to optimize growth, production and water usage. This is especially crucial in a desert climate like the ones shown here in Peacock Nuts located in Kingman, Arizona (captured beautifully by our Head of Operations, Shahar Or Geva).

"Phytech is an integral part of our irrigation strategy for our pistachio operation here in Kingman", says John Duarte of Duarte Nurseries and CEO of Peacock Nuts to Mark Sherfy, Customer Success and Product Manager.

Along with Peacock Nuts, Duarte Nurseries is one of the world's largest and most advanced nut nurseries, which is always striving to provide innovative varieties to their customers (like the new Yorizane variety), and is a heavy user of ag technology.

Real-time water demand, stress and pressure maps for each block as well as Phytech's irrigation recommendations are some of the tools that help the local team optimize water usage while growing their super-productive and world known pistachio trees.

This young planting in the middle of the desert faces not only water scarcity but strong winds that can go up to 50 mph. To meet these challenge Shahar and the team developed a double anchored Dendrometer that can hold better on these young trees and continuously tell the team how the tree "feels" and how thirsty it is.

We're proud to be part of Duarte Nurseries and Peacock Nuts' journey and share their vision to move farming forward into a more efficient, innovative and sustainable future.

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