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Pivot App update: Water allocation, NDVI and much more

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Our Pivot App has been recently upgraded, giving row crops growers even better visibility of their plants, soil and irrigation status to support their decision making. Let's see what's new.

NDVI inside

NDVI maps have been added without additional cost to all our customers. With Sentinel-2 NDVI images for each plot, every 5 days (depending on cloud cover) growers have another significant data layer to support optimized planning and to react to real-time conditions.

Water Allocation - Simplified

Track and manage plot-specific water allocation directly from your app.

"Growers will no longer need to take a picture of their water meter", explains Ynon Nevo, Pivot app product manager, "Define the allocation and insert meter reading and the app will calculate according to the field size how much water has been used out of the total allocation. No more unit conversions, the app handles everything for you".

Here's a step by step guide on how to set the water allocation feature:

One screen to rule them all

"Our aim is to take all these data layers - plant, soil, climate, remote sensing, irrigation and present it on one screen in a simple and meaningful way", says Nevo.

The area/pivot screen now displays:

  • Irrigation and rain summaries, and Irrigation spans

  • Plant status & Phenology stage graph

  • Soil Graph, Root Zone, and profile with: Plant dynamic refill line.

  • Easy access to Days \ Weeks \ Months' views

The plot card's new design

  • Interchangeable weather and Evapotranspiration forecast

  • Newly designed water bar

  • View a summary of irrigation operation hours from the start of the season

Know more to grow more

Get better crop coefficients, water use and irrigation summaries by entering your plot data: planting date, soil type, crop use and plant population.

That's it. You're good to grow. See you on the next update

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