Pivot App update: NDVI inside and much more!

Our Pivot App has been recently upgraded, giving row crops growers even better visibility of their plants, soil and irrigation status to support their decision making. Let's see what's under the hood and what lies ahead

"We have nearly doubled the size we're covering this season, following our last successful update in which we've introduced the the Plant-dynamic Refill Line and the days to refill prediction", says Omer Sagee, who heads the Monitoring and Analysis products", We got great feedbacks from our customers and wanted to build on it to further simplify their decision process and to give them all the data they need in one place"

The Plant-dynamic Refill Line - better together

Unlike most soil moisture solutions that have a predetermined refill line, our patented algorithm re-calibrates the refill line daily according to the plant's water-demand ("plant-status"), obtained from the stem-sensors. Following great feedback from the field we continue to improve the algorithm and generate more accurate predictions. For example, if the plants are telling us that they have enough water to withstand soil moisture depletion while staying stress-free and happy, the refill line will adjust downward accordingly, giving you more days until you need to fill the soil to avoid stress. We also use the algorithm to predict the soil moisture depletion rate to tell you how many days you have until the moisture level drops below the refill line, so you can plan accordingly.

New: NDVI included

NDVI maps have been added without additional cost to all our customers. With Sentinel-2 NDVI images for each plot, every 5 days (depended on cloud cover) growers have another significant data layer to support optimized planning and to react to real-time conditions.

Improved navigation: Everything is one place

"Our aim is to take all these data layers - plant, soil, climate, remote sensing, irrigation and present it on one screen in a simple and meaningful way, adds Pivot app product manager, Ynon Nevo.

The area/pivot screen now displays:

  • Water summary

  • Plant Stress\Plant Graph + with phenology stages graph

  • Soil graph – Root Zone\ Profile 6 depths

What's Next?

We started with giving growers an irrigation decision tool based on what plants are' telling' them in real-time. and as we move forward we are not only continuing to add data streams (like soil and NDVI ) for optimizing irrigation decisions, but create more farm management tools.

"We want growers to manage more of their data inside the app, in an efficient and simple way", says Ynon". Up next on the product's roadmap are the following capabilities:

Water Allocation - Record, track, report water usage data Vs. water allocation. "With this upcoming tool, growers will no longer need to take a picture of their water meter", explains Sagee, "You insert allocation for plot, record the changes in the water meter and the app will calculate according to the field size how much water has been used out of the total allocation. No more unit conversions, the app handles everything for you".

Scouting field notes - A built-in notebook to document and share plot-specific field visits and recommendations summaries by the grower/crop consultant/scouter.

Seasonal Reports - all season data and summaries in one PDF report

Rain meter page - view all your rain meters data in one place

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