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Plant and Planner App 2/11 Update: The Climate Layer is Here!

We're happy to share our latest Plant and Planner app update, 2nd November, designed to help growers simplify and optimize their day-to-day horticultural practices:

Some of the highlights:

  • Web/ Climate layer - Temperature, humidity and wind machines maps*

  • Planner Mobile - Irrigation Template Feature, Notification - Subscription for Planner real-time updates

  • Planner Web - Plant Status is visible on the Gantt

  • Planner Mobile & Web - Cooling - failure to pressurize alert

  • Plant & Planner Mobile - Hydraulic monitoring refinement

  • Plant Mobile - Pressure measurements are visible, Multiple irrigation feature improvements

*Pls note that the climate layer will be first launched in a closed mode and after QA will be available in full mode

The New Web Climate Layer