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Plant app update: Fruit maps are here!

Reaching the desired fruit size in the right timing is one of the main goals of fruit growers.

By giving growers real-time size and growth data via our fruit sensors, and comparing the progress to a trajectory defined by them, growers can use irrigation tactics to influence their fruit size until it reaches its size on time.

Now we made things even simpler by adding fruit maps to our Plant mobile app. Growers can see the average fruit size or fruit growth for a certain variety in an area, or click on a plot to see its specific fruit data. Viewing the maps, growers can easily understand in which blocks fruits are under or oversized or in which location fruits are following below their graph, and take quick actions to change their course. Filtering by variety is another feature to enhance visibility.

"The added maps further support growers quick and smart decision making in optimizing their produce", says Monitoring and Analysis products manager, Omer Sagee, "It's like a Waze for fruit growing. Growers put in the destination, see their 'car' on the map, and navigate it until it reaches its target. For example, optimizing Brix with a deficit irrigation tactic is much more accurate when you're viewing both the tree and the fruit reaction to the irrigation"

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