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Reaching Operational Excellence With Hydraulic Monitoring And Alerts

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

With the ever-increasing price of water, fertilizers, labor and energy, and regulation demands (SGMA in California being one example), operational excellence is not just nice to have but a necessity for growers looking at their bottom line.

The new hydraulic monitoring feature gives Phytech's customers a tool to be on top of every drop. With tank-level, pumps, filters and valves monitoring they get clear visibility of their infrastructure performance and can quickly respond to any issue. Without these "eyes" in the field, growers depend on manually checking valves, filters, and tanks or detecting the problem only after the damage has been done. Whether it's water waste, fertilizer waste, or low pressure, growers can understand which part of their system is malfunctioning - and act to resolve it.

Here is real-life example of how one of our growers managed to track an issue using Phytech's hydraulic monitoring feature. As you can see in the screenshot below the filter is showing an alert of “Delta pressure exceeded”:

This indicates that the pressure preceding the filter exceeds the pressure after the filter, surpassing the desired threshold. This discrepancy could potentially result from a blockage within the filter, caused by dirt. As a direct consequence, the water pressure within the irrigation lines across the field is impacted as seen in the 2 screenshots below

Ready to take your operation to the next level? Enjoy our special 10% discount on the hydraulic monitoring Feature (Only until Labor Day September 4th).


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