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The power of flowers

At the root of our approach lies the belief that to optimize farming, growers need to be directly connected to their plants, so they can understand and react to their real-time water-demands and conditions.

Building a communication bridge between growers and trees and deciphering their hidden language into an easy to grasp farmer-friendly visual map, hasn't made us less appreciative of the power and intelligence of mother nature.

Our northern-hemisphere growers in the USA and Israel have reached the end of the season. But here in the southern-hemisphere, things are just beginning to flower, giving us an optimistic reminder that while our world is in turmoil, some things just keep growing to their beat.

Here's a quick round-up from the south-hemisphere, courtesy of Brenton Wenham, Territory Manager for Queensland, Australia, where different crops are flowering and showing nature's unmatched splendor:

Apples in Queensland:

Waterfalls off Macadamia flower:

Very high determinate flowering occurring in this avocado orchard:

Limes have just finished flowering and showing quite a large set:

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