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Veraison Identified Early and Optimized. Learn how.

Veraison, a pivotal phase in the grape-growing season, holds tremendous significance for growers who strive to produce high-quality harvests. This critical period marks the tipping point in the lifecycle of grapevines, where energy is redirected from the roots and stored in the grapes as sugar and essential nutrients. To optimize this "sugar rush" grape growers have discovered the power of regulated deficit irrigation, made possible by Phytech’s technically advanced dendrometers and soil moisture probes. Phytech empowers growers to identify Veraisons onset, allowing for precise irrigation adjustments that maximize sugar levels in the grapes.

The Sweet Transition:

Before veraison, grapes are small and contain relatively low levels of sugar. However, as the transition commences, certain grape varieties can witness a staggering 50% increase in size, with sugar constituting nearly 25% of their composition. The decreasing acidity and intensifying sweetness during veraison present a visual spectacle as the grapes' colors transform, making this phase a captivating milestone in the vineyard.

The Art of Regulated Deficit Irrigation:

To optimize the sugar accumulation process and enhance grape quality, growers have traditionally resorted to regular irrigation practices, aiming to maintain vine growth. However, during veraison, a strategic shift to regulated deficit irrigation becomes vital. By intentionally limiting water availability, vine growth is slowed and stress is exaggerated, enabling more energy to be allocated to the grapes and stored as sugar. The precise timing of this irrigation adjustment is paramount, as it directly impacts the success of veraison.

Unlocking the Language of Vines:

What if your vines could communicate to you that veraison has started 7 days before traditional visual signals? How would you respond? We speak Vine and can translate for you.

Phytech's dendrometers offer a remarkable solution by translating the vine's concealed internal processes—contractions, trunk growth, and water demand—into a visual language that growers can understand. With Phytech, growers receive more than mere data readings; they gain the ability to interpret the unique story of their vines and identify the beginning of the veraison chapter.

A Visual Narrative:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Phytech's dendrometers provide just that—a visual representation of the vine's journey. Let's consider an example from a Cabernet Sauvignon vine where a plateau in growth acted as the signal for the grower to transition to "veraison mode." This triggered the implementation of deficit irrigation and controlled stress techniques, effectively reducing vine growth and optimizing sugar levels in the grapes.

Preserving Vine Health and Productivity:

By meticulously monitoring growth and staying attuned to the plant's status, growers can identify the vines’ stress thresholds (indicated by the red status) and push them to the absolute limit while still preventing negative growth that could harm the vine's overall health and future productivity. Phytech's comprehensive solution not only enables growers to identify the opportune moment for veraison but also safeguards the long-term vitality of their vines.

Veraison is the phase that can make or break the quality of your grapes. With Phytech you can identify this phase earlier, know when to switch to deficit irrigation, and stress your vines to the limit while safeguarding them from long-term damage. By harnessing the power of technology and understanding the visual narrative told by your vines, growers can maximize sugar levels in the grapes, resulting in superior wines.

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