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Hands in the Soil

NEW: Fertigation Monitoring

Just in time to help with rising costs of fertilizers, energy and labor as well as sustainability and regulation, we've launched our fertigation monitoring feature.


Avoid fertilizers wastage and soil contamination by tracking tank-level and per-block nutrients delivery by monitoring:

  • Real-time tank-level
  • Volume of fertilizer applied
  • Quantities of nutrients (macro and micro) per fertigation event and a per-block summary (the nutrients' layer)
  • Fertigation times during the event
  • Avoid leaching by comparing soil moisture levels with fertigation events


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Hayden McIntyre,

Sierra Pacific Farms, California

"what makes Phytech different from other services is that it enables understanding of the trees. Installation is just plug n' play and it's been definitely a cost-save for us"


Ryan Speer,

Jacob Farms and Cattle, Kansas

"Over the past five years, Phytech has helped improve my operation’s irrigation efficiency in corn, soybeans, and cotton"


Select Harvests, Australia's largest nut food company

"At one farm alone, this approach has saved over 600 megalitres of water a year"


Al Stehly, Stehly grove management,

San Diego

"We can skip irrigations. We can skip days. When you add that up over the course of a year, it's thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of gallons of water"

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