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4 tips to determine if it's safe to reduce irrigation

Here in the Midwest, as things get hotter and every drop counts, here are 4 tips that help our customers optimize irrigation:


1) Check the counter: 40 days? V

Explanation: If the counter shows that 40 days have passed from maximal stock diameter (about 30 days after VT), that means corn water-demand continues to decrease and stress build-up is slower.


2) Check your plant status - Dark green or green with low MDS (around 150)? V

Explanation: Plants are not showing any signs of water stress.


3) Check your Days to refill: +7d ? V

Explanation: Moisture level is high and it's less probable that plants will enter risky low-moisture levels soon.

4) Check your moisture level in the last 4 weeks: Trend is up? V Explanation: moisture is building up in the soil's profile and can be used to finish the season safely.

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