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7 million almond trees in California woke up earlier than usual

In February 28th, 7 million almond trees in California ,monitored by Phytech sensors, came out of dormancy, 10 days earlier compared to 2017-2019.

From Tehama county to Kern county, Phytech's clients receiving direct data from their trees are able to identify the exact date, when trunks start to grow in size. Identifying this tree developmental milestone helps growers adjust their water and nutrients delivery to support new growth demand.

Trying to identify this point in time could be tricky as there's no alarm clock, and the tree doesn't stretch its branches, yawn and ask for a cup of coffee.

Relying on past observations is not enough, since this biological mechanism is influenced by temperature and other factors. Phytech's research team analysed data from 7 million trees in over 250 Californian farms and found out that between 2017-2019 trees came out of dormancy during 8-10 of March. This year however due to unusual high temperature during the end of the winter, trees started to "wake up" much earlier - on 28.2.20 to be exact.

As seen in the graph below, taken from a farm in California, this point is easy to identify. Being connected to the trees allows our clients to deliver exactly what they need. Water, nutrients and a shot of espresso.

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