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A whole new level of irrigation management: Introducing pressure and stress summary maps

We've just added new features to our plant app, to help our customers get clear visibility not only of their plants water needs - but their irrigation system's performance.

The new pressure maps show real-time pressure as well as daily/weekly/monthly pressure summary - in each block.

We've also added stress summary maps for each block to facilitate perception, deep learning and optimized decision making to maximize production.

This is an unprecedented level of irrigation monitoring and management of the from demand to supply:

  • Knowing the exact water demand and plant status of their trees

  • Getting clear visibility of trees' growth rate and MDS via stem sensors to better adapt their irrigation practices to improve productivity

  • Tracking fruit growth in real-time via our fruit sensors,

  • Getting Phytech's irrigation recommendation (based on block's stress history and weather conditions among other parameters)

  • Tracking water delivery at the end of the dripline

Watch the quick video tour of the latest features or continue or scroll below to see detailed screenshots:

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