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Australia: Sensors are blooming!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

While many of our northern-hemisphere almond growers are in the midst of harvest or have already switched to post-harvest irrigation tactics here in Australia, Phytech team led by Managing Director Mark Heyward prepares for the upcoming season.

That means installation of our dendrometers is on its way. Measuring in real-time the micro-variations in trunk diameter (which our algorithm translates into plant-status), these sensors are at the heart of of our unique IoT and Plant-AI based digital platform which connects growers to their trees and their irrigation system.

With real time visibility of trees' water-demand (as well as growth rate and health), pressure maps of each block, irrigation recommendations and remote-control capabilities growers can take farming into the next level: monitor, plan and automate their entire operation.

In these photos, the team install our system at Costa Bros. (starting their 3rd season with Phytech), Belehris Estates: (second season with us) and newcomers Atwal Farms: (first season).

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