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Cotton growers in Kansas - Here we go!

2020 Pre-installation continues in Pratt County, Kansas and for the last 3 years, we've been happily working together with Landon Oldham and Matt Westerhaus from Heartland Soil Services, helping customers switch to Plant-based irrigation practices.

This year, In the above photos taken recently customers are going to grow cotton, which can be challenging from an irrigation perspective.

While stress reduces yields, over-irrigation and excessive moisture might affect quality and result in more growth regulator spraying.

By connecting growers to their plants, Phytech enables them to optimize production by applying irrigation according to what the plants truly need.

How are we "asking" the plants how much water do they need?

Plant-sensors that are being placed on plants measure in real-time micro-variations of stem diameter, which Phytech's algorithm translates into plant-status. The result: Simple color-coded indicator, easily visible from the mobile, that help growers accurately apply irrigation according to their cotton plants' real-time water demand.

Growing cotton isn't easy. We're just trying to make it less hard...).

Welcome to the Plant-based Farming revolution.

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