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COVID-19 ready: Plan, monitor and share tasks with the new irrigation planner app

These are tough and challenging times for all of us, but one thing that working alongside farmers has taught us is that when the going gets tough, the growers get going. 

We will prevail. Together. 

Our new Planner mobile app wasn't developed to fight the COVID-19, but it sure can help you better manage your irrigation and team, while keeping safe.

Monitor. plan. share

First and foremost, the planner app is taking irrigation monitoring to a whole different level, giving growers the confidence that their trees are being irrigated as planned.

This is achieved thanks to real-time data that flows from our pressure sensors placed on the irrigation system and from the plant-sensors measuring the trees' water demand and stress level.

Designed to make irrigation monitoring, planning, scheduling and tracking - smart and simple, our app enables growers to work at a distance from their mobile. Creating plans, editing existing plans and sharing tasks with your team is super-easy and intuitive.

Important note: Phytech's team of technicians and irrigation experts are at your service as we continue to support existing and new clients all over the country, in compliance with current health and safety regulations

Below are some useful features that can help you keep on doing what you do best even in those troubled times.

Keep Track at a glance - See actual irrigation compared to your plan and to Phytech'

Create an event - Click an area, choose the date, and define irrigation quantity and duration

Export tasks - Swipe from the bottom and export tasks to your co-workers 

Your data is automatically synched across devices

Click to download from the App store. Click to download from Google Play

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