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New Feature: Irrigation Configurations (Mobile)

We’ve added a new feature that allows you to configure irrigation values (pressure, amount) and alerts.

Here how it works:

1) Click the 3 dots setting icon 2) Click “Configuration”

1) Irrigation Pressure

Set the high-pressure and low-pressure values associated with the project's irrigation system. It is crucial to have these values set correctly, as they affect the following:

  • High/low-pressure push notification alerts

  • High/low-pressure alerts on the irrigation spans.

  • Different pressure maps as displayed in the mobile app map, the dashboard, insights reports, and more.

2) Irrigation Factor

This is the value used to convert irrigation from duration to the applied amount in mm/hr or inch/hr, according to the settings of the irrigation system in the field (emitter output, spacing).

3) Missing Irrigation Alert

It allows you to set an X amount of time, so if a new irrigation event is not registered in a project, you will get an alert.

Easily configure by using the filters feature

All values can be defined per project, or in bulk actions using the filters feature. For example, filter out a specific type of irrigation system (i.e., sprinkler) then set the pressure thresholds for all projects of this type

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