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Think fast: Data is critical to achieve premium cherries

The advantage of supporting customers all over the world is that while cherry trees are entering dormancy in the Northern Hemisphere, Here in Australia things are looking as fresh as ever.

Cherry season is a short one, and in some cases takes just 6 weeks from flowering to picking. This means a narrow margin of error for growers and a greater importance for every irrigation decision they're taking to reach high quality fruits.

Getting direct feedback from the trees, as well as Phytech's irrigation recommendations, allows our customers to adapt their irrigation and achieve optimized yields, while using water exactly according to trees' real-time water demand.

Here in Australia Picking has begun. "Our cherry customers have definitely been leveraging their data" explains Paul Grobler, Phytech's Sales & Client Services Manager. "The trees are looking great, and the cherries are not just plump, but they also have a great flavor profile, fitting for the premium export market".

"We have also had a wet start to the season compared to any other season", he adds, "And once again, Phytech remained relevant to guide our clients when to start irrigating again, which in the past, came down to a guess".

So growers love data that helps them grow premium fruits, consumers love eating delicious cherries, and one can clearly see cherry trees love Phytech...

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