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ESG spotlight: Our dendrometers are in good hands

There's a lot of #ESG talk these days (Environmental, Social, and Governance). We're doing our best to walk the walk. We've teamed up with Migdal Or (lighthouse in Hebrew), part of the Northern Goals Association and an excellent multi-service center engaged in functional, vocational, emotional, and social rehabilitation of people with blindness or visual impairment.

In the photos, Shady Shalby working on assembling our next generation of Tree-sensors (dendrometers). 120 people, who had difficulties finding jobs in the market, are working in this factory and enjoying not only a career but active social life and a sense of purpose.

By the way, the sensors assembled by Shady and his co-workers, are at the heart of our solution, which gives growers worldwide the ability to track their plants' "heart-beats" and save water by irrigating according to their water demand.

Together, with much heart, we're establishing Farming's first ESG eco-system which connects People, Plants, and the Planet. #farmbeat#digitalfarming#agtech#agritech#socialimpact#socialcommunity

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