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Getting "bee-zy" in Australia

As the Northern Hemisphere growers concentrate on post-harvest treatment of their trees, Southern Hemisphere peers are gearing themselves up for their next season.

Flowers are out on some varieties and honey bees are “beezy” with pollination. Packed both with nectar and pollen, bees are finding cherry flowers hard to resist (Totally understandable, just look at the pics, taken by our Sales and Customers Services Manager Paul Grobler).

For several years, the Australian cherry industry has been enjoying a steady growth with 2020 production expected to reach 20,000 tons (from which 50% will be exported).

But making the most out of every acre and maximizing each drop of water is still challenging, especially when some cherry varieties will go from bloom to picking in 6-8 weeks. The "speedy" season requires quick and smart irrigation decision making and this is exactly where Phytech impact is felt.

Being connected via our plant-sensors gives our customers enhanced visibility of their trees water demand and growth status. Together with irrigation recommendations, irrigation alerts, real-time pressure and stress maps and other decision-support and planning tools, our cherry customers are enjoying a smart and simple way to manage their production based on direct plant data. For the first time, growers can understand what they're trees are asking from them, and can respond with the right answers.

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