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Grower Spotlight: Ryan Speer, Jacob Farms and Cattle

"Over the past five years, Phytech has helped improve my operation’s irrigation efficiency in corn, soybeans, and cotton", tells Ryan Speers of Jacob Farms and Cattle in Sedgwick, Kansas to John Deere's 'The Furrow' magazine.

The system also revealed that corn was stressed for water during pollination because water would evaporate before the pivot came around again. “So we’re making faster passes, which is getting that plant cooled off faster in that high-evaporation timeframe,” Speer says.

Speer compared Phytech’s watering recommendations—which he spends a few minutes checking every morning—with 10% over- and 10% under-irrigating. Following the recommendations in corn yielded 251 bushels per acre; 10% under yielded 239, and 10% over yielded 232. He’s sold.

We're grateful for the opportunity to work with advanced farmers like Ryan and support their efforts to optimize production while using sustainable and innovative methods.

For the full story on "The Furrow"

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