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How our Midwest growers are leveraging the rain

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Saving unnecessary irrigation operational costs and precious water is a key part in achieving optimized business performance for our Midwest growers. 

Of course, this "saving mindset" can't come at the expense of plants' productivity. The last 3 weeks, which brought periodic rain showers in many parts of Kansas and Nebraska , are a good example of how Phytech enables our customers to save costs while optimizing yields. 

With clear visibility of their plants' status, their actual irrigation and Phytech's recommendation, growers had the confidence to reduce irrigation drastically while making sure their plants are not entering yield-affecting stress conditions.  

This can be seen in the screenshots from the system (see the video above) showing a significantly low irrigation/corn water usage ratio, with zero stress days during that time period.

Summer rain is a blessing for the Midwest growers and with Phytech's giving them clear visibility of their plants' status and water demand -  growers are ready to leverage it.

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