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July Plant and Planner update: Soil temperature and a new area map design

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Here's what's new on the Plant Mobile and Web apps following the latest update:

On the Plant Mobile app: Soil temperature and a new area map page

Biological activity in the root zone, and the plant's capacity for water and minerals uptake is strongly dependent on soil temperature. It is also key for the germination process, and the end of dormancy for deciduous fruit tree. Phytech now includes soil temperature monitoring as a part of our web and mobile platforms.

New on the Plant Web app:


The Planner update includes the following:

Mobile: Pump / Main Valve pulse irrigation

Similar to regular field valve or group planning. The user can divide the total irrigation duration of the pump into number of pulses and set the off time according to the need.

Irrigation pulses are saved on the pump’s planning gantt –

Web: Irrigation finish

This feature allows the user to end the planned irrigation and actually shorten the planned span on the Gantt. (Same as in the Planner Mobile). After the user stops the running irrigation, there are 2 options: Resume or finish. The user selects to finish the irrigation and shorten the planned span. The irrigation status remains 'Stop by User' (Black dot). Finish functionality is also available for cooling events on the Block level

Mobile: edit the default view

The user can set the default of the Planner Gantt view according to his needs:

  • Time span: 1 day / 3 days / 7 days

  • Groups and blocks: Groups / Blocks

  • Valves display: Automation / All

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