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Mandolé Orchard: "water use efficiency was 20-30% lower than the industry standard"

One of the things that makes us really happy here at Phytech is when our customers are able to keep their trees super-productive and healthy, save water, make their business more efficient - all of this while making an important contribution to our planet's sustainability challenge.

Mandolé Orchard, established in 2004, are a family owned and sustainably operated almond orchard, growing and producing high-quality Australian almonds and almond milk products. Father and son duo and master almond growers, Denis and Dean, are second and third generation farmers whose family have successfully farmed in the Riverina for over 80 years.

Denis and Dean are the pioneers of almond farming in the region, with Denis the first grower to represent the Riverina on the Almond Board of Australia. He still holds this position today.

With their deep understanding of almond trees and passion for sustainability, it's no wonder that they're making the most out of the plant-based data provided by Phytech.

"Conservation is at the forefront of our minds", stated Mandolé Orchard lately on their twitter account, "Last year, we achieved incredible water-saving results with the implementation of Phytech technology that enables us to understand the precise amount of water our almond trees need and when they need it to help optimize our water use. As a result, last year our water use efficiency was 20-30% lower than the industry standard – an incredible achievement"

We're thankful for the trust of the Mandolé Orchard team and more importantly happy that they are making the most out of our technology to achieve their goals, keep their trees healthy and conserve our planet's precious water.

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