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New dashboard features: compare, analyze - act!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

'We are surrounded by data but crave for insights', goes the saying, and at Phytech we made it our mission to turn in-field zero's and one's - from the trees, the soil, the hydraulics, the weather - into actionable recommendations.

"The dashboard feature is part of that vision", explains Product Manager, Roni Yahav. "We want growers to act on data. Not be overwhelmed by it. By giving them enhanced visibility across time and the ability to detect trends and observe the relations between their irrigation practices and trees' growth and health", explains Product Manager, Roni Yahav.

Here are some of the new features that we've added to the dashboard:

Compare your data to previous seasons

Up until now, we presented the "Phytech Reference" as another way to interpret the data. "Do I irrigate as recommended?", "Do my trees grow like others in my geography"? Now, we let growers use their own data as a reference. Showing current season data side-by-side with previous seasons. Filter your data by planting years

Agronomic needs differ across mature and young trees, and so in many cases, their data is analyzed separately. To help with that, we've added a new filter that lets you summarize projects that belong to the same planting year.

Present cumulative water use and trunk growth

Easily convert the chart into a line that shows you the total sum of data until a given point. So you can tell "how much did I irrigate until November", "how much did my trees grow during this 5 weeks period".

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