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Phytech for row crops: 2021 pre-orders available at a 40% discount

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Phytech for row crops has been helping the Midwest's growers optimize yields, avoid stress and save water by connecting them to their plants. Directly.


We're happy to continue to support our customers with this limited time offer, including:

  • Plant sensors and Phytech's NEW soil probe with 3 depths per each location (NRCS compliant)

  • Pivot location and pressure monitoring for every field

  • New features on the Phytech Pivot app and web app

Enjoy enhanced visibility

  • Plant growth performance and phenological stage 

  • Daily plant status and stress prediction

  • Daily and weekly ET forecast and recommendations

  • Soil moisture profile status

  • Pivot monitoring and alerts

  • Weekly irrigation summary


Did we mention our new soil moisture probe?


For more information contact one of our sales representatives or leave us your details at our contact page:

Dylan Ward, Nebraska Regional Manager 

Phone: 402-973-0232 Email:

Garrett Reiss, Kansas Regional Manager Phone: 620-899-4239 Email:

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