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Planner app update: Plan with a click, view sensors' history data

We're happy to share our latest Planner app update, designed to help growers simplify and optimize their day-to-day horticultural practices:

Pls note that to enjoy the latest version you need to update your app at the iOS App store or Google Play.

Click the arrow next to group or block to view its components:

Create new irrigation or review the daily irrigations by clicking a specific day on the planning gantt:

Web: View past performance of each sensor:

Web: View fertilizer pump and fertilizer tank history

Group pressure spans on the planning gantt - Planner Web & Mobile

  • Pressure spans are displayed on the group level

  • The user can easily track group irrigations (Actual vs. plan)

Pump spans indicating actual irrigations - Planner Web & Mobile

  • Pressure / flow rate spans are displayed on the pump gantt

  • The user can easily track pump irrigations (Actual vs. plan)


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