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Save water with our groundbreaking soil prediction algorithm

Phytech growers are used to "asking" their trees when and how much water they need to improve yields' quality and quantity while saving resources - especially water. With our newly launched Plant app update, we're happy to introduce two new features to help optimize farming operations based on what the soil "tells" them.

Irrigation optimization based on the plant and the soil

"The plant-status, obtained from measuring the micro-variations of stem diameter using our dendrometers, let the growers know how the tree "feels" (MDS, growth rate, water-demand). It also helps calibrate in real-time the refill line which simplifies and optimizes irrigation planning", explains Omer Sagee, Monitoring and Analysis products manager

The Automatic Plant-Dynamic Refill Line - Letting the soil and the plant tell you.

Soil data is super important for making smart and quick irrigation decisions. Our Plant-Dynamic refill line algorithm constantly calibrates plant and climate data to find the soil moisture level below which plant stress is likely to occur. It updates during the season in response to changing field conditions and plant phenological stage. In short, growers should irrigate to stay above this line. This feature includes:

  • Automatic calculation of refill line - the point below which the probability of plant stress increases significantly.

  • The line constantly "learns" from the relation between climate, MDS, and soil moisture.

  • The algorithm is trained to detect stress caused by low soil moisture and to ignore stress events related to extreme weather.

7-Day Outlook - Soil Moisture Prediction

  • Hourly prediction of root zone soil moisture - 7 day outlook.

  • “Days to refill” - the number of days until critically low soil moisture is expected, without irrigation or rain.

  • "Time to irrigate" - an indication that directly connects you to the Planner app and allows quick irrigation planning.


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