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Select Harvests: "At one farm alone, this approach has saved over 600 megalitres of water a year"

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Select Harvests is Australia’s largest vertically integrated nut and health food company and one of the world's leading almond growers, with 9,262 planted hectares (22,886 acres) of almond orchards. The Company is also fully dedicated for sustainability and sees itself as "a custodian of the environment" by deploying sustainable farm management practices and technologies.

At a recent conference hosted by the Westpac & Agfood Opportunities Fund, Select Harvests shared their vision, and as part of it, presented a sustainability case study of water efficiency which involves the deployment of Phytech's technology.

Here are some quotes of this case study titled "The deployment of plant-based water stress monitoring sensors has increased water efficiency and reduced costs":

"For Select Harvests, making the best-use of the water available to our orchards is vital for productivity and cost-efficiency. Several of our orchards are now using data to deliver the precise amount of water required, when it is needed, avoiding run-off", the company explained, "At one farm alone, Amaroo in South-Australia, this data-driven approach has saved over 600 megaliters of water a year, amounting to cost savings of more than $250,000".

We're proud to be part of Select Harvests journey, and happy we can support its sustainable vision by connecting their team to their trees, to optimize irrigation and save water.

Learn how Phytech is helping Select Harvests optimize their production:

Download the full presentation of Select Harvests:

Download PDF • 2.42MB

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