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Success Story, L & P Farms: "We saved so much water thanks to Phytech"

Jim Curtis and Pedro Lopez from L & Farms tells Customer Success and Product Manager, Mark Sherfy how Phytech is helping them save water by being able to understand what trees are telling them.

Mark Sherfy (left) with Jim Curtis


"We were just out of water", says Curtis who manages over 4,000 acres of Pistachio, wine grapes and other crops, "Phytech helped us do the transition. We Saved so much water. We went from irrigating 30-40 inches of water to 7.5 inches. I know that's a difficult number for people to grasp but it is possible, and we couldn't have done it without Phytech. Irrigation is the most important thing in the orchard and Phytech helps us save a lot of water

Pedro Lopez (left) with Jim Curtis

"(Here in the Valley) We don't have the luxury of spending water anymore. We used to water by evapotranspiration or just seeing what are neighbors doing, but with the app, it's like the trees are talking back to you so you can understand exactly when and how much water to deliver. ", adds Lopez, "Apart from irrigation decisions Phytech helps understand the health and growth of the tree. Farming is not impossible when you have the right tools.

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