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Sustainable Nation Documentary featuring Dr. Omer Guy

Grab Some popcorn and take a seat: The full length version of the award winning documentary, Sustainable Nation, premieres on YouTube and is available to watch until Saturday May 2. (

We were glad to take part in this inspiring project of OpenDor Media (formerly Jerusalem U), which follows 3 Israeli innovators, including our own Dr. Omer Guy, as they develop ways to fight global water crisis. Omer is responsible for developing the algorithms that ensure Phytech's customers can easily make #sustainable irrigation decisions using plant-based data.

In the film, Brian Palla, one of Phytech's first customers in California, was able to save 1 million litres of water per acre while improving yields by being connected to his trees.

We're happy to say that ever since the film was shot, our impact has been growing tremendously. We're now serving growers across the globe ,over 1,000 farms in California, and were able last year to help Australia's leading almond growers save 80 billion litres of water.

Thank you again Opendor media and a big thank you to every one of our customers who gave us the trust and made the switch to the Plant-based Farming revolution. #agtech #digitalfarming #climate #water #irrigation #precisionag

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