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UNL-TAPS: Congrats to the winners - Mark McConnell and the Rattlesnake Boys

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

It's official: 2 teams who used Phytech during the 2020 University of Nebraska's Testing Ag Performance Solutions competition (UNL-TAPS) took home 3 awards.

In the sprinkler corn competition, expanded to include 27 teams this year, the yields ranged from 107 to 295 bushels per acre. Assisted by Phytech's irrigation recommendations to avoid stress, Mark McConnell of Paxton won both highest yield category at 294 bushel as well as the profitability category.

Photo by UNL website

For Mark, who also finished top four in the highest input (water and nitrogen) use efficiency category, it was the first appearance in the UNL-TAPS.

The SDI competition

Congratulations also to the Rattlesnake Boys of Wood River team made up of Kevin and Amy Harsch, Jay Johnson and Jeremy Gewecke who took the award in the profitability category in the SDI competition.

Photo by UNL website

Phytech is helping growers optimize production based on direct plant-data, and "The Boys" sure did optimize with an average revenue of $5.05 per bushel, and 265.7 bushel per acre with total irrigation of 8.05 inches.

It's the third year we're taking part in the University of Nebraska's Testing Ag Performance Solutions competition whose aim is to encourage growers to adopt new technologies to help them boost efficiency.

Photos by UNL website

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