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Server Maintenance Announcement, Dec. 17th 2022 / Update is Required!‏‏

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

We would like to inform that our servers are scheduled for maintenance between Dec. 17th 2022, 17:00 UTC and Dec. 18th 2022, 17:00 UTC. During this time our servers will be upgraded and service will be unavailable.

Improvements include enhanced performance, better security and disaster recovery.

During the maintenance time, our service will not be available through the web and mobile applications. We expect a service outage of around 12 hours, after these 12 hours service will be available again. In the next 12 hours we will process all the data and make sure we bring our Plant Status up to speed.

No data loss is expected due to the maintenance, during the maintenance you may experience some lag in the data, this is normal and data will update till the end of the maintenance period.

During the outage, customers will not be able to plan and monitor irrigations but all irrigations planned prior to 17-Dec-2022 17:00 UTC will be executed on time. Drop Control will be available as usual. During the outage notifications will not be sent and may be sent later.

Frost alerts will not be available as well. We expect that frost alerts will become available again during the evening of Dec. 18th.

We do our best to keep this event as fast and efficient as possible.

In order to enjoy improved performance, pls update your apps on the following links:

*Pls note that as of Dec. 17th 2022, you will not be able to login to apps that haven't been upgraded (No action is needed for web login)

Here are the links to each app, for Android and iOS users:

Plant Mobile App

Planner Mobile App

Frost Mobile App

Thank you for your understanding. Feel free to contact your CSM for further information or send us an email to

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